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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Analysis of electronic structure of boron nitride nanotubes with different positions of intrinsic impuritiesGOMES, Fernando Antonio Pinheiro; DMITRIEV, Victor Alexandrovich; NASCIMENTO, Clerisson Monte do
Jun-2011Analysis of modified bowtie nanoantennas in the excitation and emission regimesCOSTA, Karlo Queiroz da; DMITRIEV, Victor Alexandrovich
Dec-2010Comparative analysis of circular and triangular gold nanodisks for field enhancement applicationsCOSTA, Karlo Queiroz da; DMITRIEV, Victor Alexandrovich
Dec-2013Development of computational 3D MoM algorithm for nanoplasmonicsSOUZA, Nadson Welkson Pereira de; COSTA, Karlo Queiroz da; DMITRIEV, Victor Alexandrovich
Dec-2012Microwave switchable frequency selective surface with high quality factor resonance and low polarization sensitivityKAWAKATSU, Marcelo Nobuyuki; DMITRIEV, Victor Alexandrovich
Mar-2015Nanoelectronic Devices Based on Carbon NanotubesDMITRIEV, Victor Alexandrovich; GOMES, Fernando Antonio Pinheiro; NASCIMENTO, Clerisson Monte do
Dec-2013Resonant properties, of modified triangular plasmonic nanoparticles with higher field concentrationCOSTA, Karlo Queiroz da; DMITRIEV, Victor Alexandrovich
Mar-2019Theoretical study of plasmonically induced transparency effect in arrays of graphene-based double disk resonatorsPORTELA, Gianni Masaki Tanaka; DMITRIEV, Victor Alexandrovich; OLIVEIRA, Cristiano Braga de; CASTRO, Wagner Ormanes Palheta