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Aug-2015Length-weight relationships and condition factor of the eaglebeak pacu Ossubtus xinguense Jégu, 1992 (Characiformes, Serrasalmidae), an endangered species from Rio Xingu rapids, northern BrazilANDRADE, Marcelo Costa; JESUS, Allan Jamesson Silva de; GIARRIZZO, TommasoArtigo de Periódico
Jun-2013Tometes camunani (Characiformes: Serrasalmidae), a new species of phytophagous fish from the Guiana Shield, rio Trombetas basin, BrazilANDRADE, Marcelo Costa; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; JÉGU, Michel Louis Arthur Marie Ange FrançoisArtigo de Periódico
Aug-2015Mercury concentration in different tissues of Podocnemis unifilis (Troschel, 1848) (Podocnemididae: Testudines) from the lower Xingu River – Amazonian, BrazilARAUJO, Juliana de Souza; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; LIMA, Marcelo de OliveiraArtigo de Periódico
Aug-2015Effect of waterfalls and the flood pulse on the structure of fish assemblages of the middle Xingu River in the eastern Amazon basinBARBOSA, Thiago Augusto Pedroso; BENONE, Naraiana Loureiro; RUFFEIL, Tiago Octavio Begot; GONÇALVES, Alany Pedrosa; SOUSA, Leandro Melo de; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; JUEN, Leandro; MONTAG, Luciano Fogaça de AssisArtigo de Periódico
Aug-2015Effect of seasonal flooding cycle on litterfall production in alluvial rainforest on the middle Xingu River (Amazon basin, Brazil)CAMARGO-ZORRO, Mauricio; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; JESUS, Allan Jamesson Silva deArtigo de Periódico
Aug-2015Population and biological parameters of selected fish species from the middle Xingu River, Amazon BasinCAMARGO-ZORRO, Mauricio; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; NAHUM, Victoria Judith IsaacArtigo de Periódico
Sep-2016Mercury in fish and sediment of Purus River, Acre State, AmazonCASTRO, Nathália Santos Serrão de; BRAGA, Camila Margalho; TRINDADE, Paulo Arthur de Abreu; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; LIMA, Marcelo de OliveiraArtigo de Periódico
Jun-2009Temporal patterns in the occurrence of selected tropical fishes in mangrove creeks: implications for the fisheries management in north BrazilGIARRIZZO, Tommaso; KRUMME, UweArtigo de Periódico
Dec-2009Feeding ecology of juvenile dog snapper Lutjanus jocu (Bloch and Shneider, 1801) (Lutjanidae) in intertidal mangrove creeks in Curuçá estuary (Northern Brazil)MONTEIRO, Dijane Pantoja; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; ISAAC, Victoria JudithArtigo de Periódico
Dec-2015Food consumption as an indicator of the conservation of natural resources in riverine communities of the Brazilian AmazonNAHUM, Victoria Judith Isaac; ALMEIDA, Morgana Carvalho de; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; DEUS, Cláudia Pereira de; VALE, Rozeilza; KLEIN, Gilmar Nicolau; BEGOSSI, AlpinaArtigo de Periódico