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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Can Lutjanus purpureus (South red snapper) be "legally" considered a red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus)?GOMES, Grazielle Fernanda Evangelista; SCHNEIDER, Horacio; SOUZA, Marcelo Nazareno Vallinoto de; SILVA, Simoni Santos da; ORTI, Guillermo; SAMPAIO, Maria Iracilda da Cunha
Jun-2013Cytogenetic and DNA barcoding reveals high divergence within the trahira, Hoplias malabaricus (Characiformes: Erythrinidae) from the lower Amazon RiverMARQUES, Diego Ferreira; SANTOS, Fabíola Araújo dos; SILVA, Simoni Santos da; SAMPAIO, Maria Iracilda da Cunha; RODRIGUES, Luis Reginaldo Ribeiro
2003Genetic differentiation of Macrodon ancylodon (Sciaenidae, Perciformes) populations in Atlantic coastal waters of South America as revealed by mtDNA analysisSILVA, Simoni Santos da; SCHNEIDER, Horacio; SAMPAIO, Maria Iracilda da Cunha
2013Genetic variation in native and farmed populations of Tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) in the Brazilian Amazon: regional discrepancies in farming systemsAGUIAR, Jonas da Paz; SCHNEIDER, Horacio; GOMES, Maria de Fátima; CARNEIRO, Jeferson Costa; SILVA, Simoni Santos da; RODRIGUES, Luis Reginaldo Ribeiro; SAMPAIO, Maria Iracilda da Cunha
2008Low levels of genetic diversity depicted from mitochondrial DNA sequences in a heavily exploited marine fish (Cynoscion acoupa, Sciaenidae) from the Northern coast of BrazilRODRIGUES, Rosa Maria da Silva; SCHNEIDER, Horacio; SILVA, Simoni Santos da; SOUZA, Marcelo Nazareno Vallinoto de; SAINT-PAUL, Ulrich; SAMPAIO, Maria Iracilda da Cunha