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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Issue Date: 2006
metadata.dc.creator: NUNES, Cláudia
AYRES, José Márcio Corrêa
SAMPAIO, Maria Iracilda da Cunha
Title: Molecular discrimination of pouched four-eyed opossums from the Mamirauá Reserve in the Brazilian Amazon
Citation: NUNES, Cláudia et al. Molecular discrimination of pouched four-eyed opossums from the Mamirauá Reserve in the Brazilian Amazon. Genetics and Molecular Biology, São Paulo, v. 29, n. 2, p. 283-286, 2006. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 15 mar. 2011. <>.
Abstract: Previous cytochrome B (CytB) mtDNA studies have suggested four species for the opossum genus Philander (four-eyed opossums), three (P. mcilhennyi, P. andersoni and P. opossum) from the Amazon and one (P. frenata) from the Brazilian Atlantic forest. During a faunal survey nine specimens of Philander sp. and four of Didelphis marsupialis were collected in the Mamirauá Sustainable Reserve, Amazonas State, Brazil. Preliminary analyses based on morphology and geographical distributions were not conclusive, suggesting that Philander specimens could belong to either P. andersoni or P. opossum. In order to elucidate the relationship of this taxon to the remaining Amazonian taxa, seven Philander and two Didelphis specimens animals were sequenced for the cytB mtDNA gene and compared to other previously studied taxa. The maximum likelihood (ML), neighbor-Joining (NJ) and maximum parsimony (MP) consensus bootstrap trees depicted six groups: Didelphis., P. frenata, P andersoni, P. mcilhennyi, P.o. opossum and Philander sp. and Philander canus in a common assemblage supported by significant bootstrap values, suggesting that the Philander sp. from Mamiraua in fact belongs to the species Philander canus.
Keywords: Tefé - AM
Amazonas - Estado
Amazônia brasileira
Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável Mamirauá - AM
DNA mitocondrial
ISSN: 1415-4757
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