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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06Ab Initio correlated all electron Dirac-Fock calculations for eka-francium fluoride (E119F)-
2011-08Assessment of surface water in two Amazonian rivers impacted by industrial wastewater, Barcarena City, Pará State (Brazil)-
2009-06Avaliação de minerais em plantas medicinais amazônicas-
2011Avaliação do efeito antifúngico do óleo resina e do óleo essencial de copaíba (Copaifera multijuga Hayne)-
2012Ácidos fenólicos, flavonoides e atividade antioxidante em méis de Melipona fasciculata, M. flavolineata (Apidae, Meliponini) e Apis mellifera (Apidae, Apini) da Amazônia-
2011-07Biotransformation of chalcones by the endophytic fungus Aspergillus flavus isolated from Paspalum maritimum trin-
2010-09Biotransformation of sucrose into 5-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-γ-pirone by Aspergillus flavus-
2016-10Characterization of the Fruit Pulp of Camu-Camu (Myrciaria dubia) of Seven Different Genotypes and Their Rankings Using Statistical Methods PCA and HCA-
2013-07Classification of honeys from Pará State (Amazon region, Brazil) produced by three different species of bees-
2010-12Composição química e valor nutricional para grandes herbívoros das folhas e frutos de Aninga (Montrichardia linifera, Araceae)-
2015-06Dados espectroscópicos de diterpenos labdânicos: uma análise teórica via RMN e DFT-
2012-01Diversity and three-dimensional structures of the alpha Mcr of the methanogenic Archaea from the anoxic region of Tucuruí Lake, in Eastern Brazilian Amazonia-
2009Efeito fungitóxico in vitro do óleo resina e do óleo essencial de copaíba (Copaifera multijuga Hayne)-
2009Essential oil composition of Croton palanostigma Klotzsch from north Brazil-
2010Isolation, X-ray crystal structure and theoretical calculations of the new compound 8-Eepicordatin and identification of others terpenes and steroids from the bark and leaves of Croton palanostigma Klotzsch-
2009Levels of As, Cd, Pb and Hg found in the hair from people living in Altamira, Pará, Brazil: environmental implications in the Belo Monte area-
2002-06A structure-activity relationship (SAR) study of neolignan compounds with anti-schistosomiasis activity-
1998-12Structure-activity relationship of compounds which are anti-schistosomiasis active-
2003-10A study of neolignan compounds with biological activity against Paracoccidioides brasiliensis by using quantum chemical and chemometric methods-
2010Synthesis, X-ray crystal structure and theoretical calculations of antileishmanial neolignan analogues-