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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Diet and niche breadth and overlap in fish communities within the area affected by an Amazonian reservoir (Amapá, Brazil)OLIVEIRA, Júlio Cesár Sá de; ANGELINI, Ronaldo; ISAAC, Victoria Judith
Dec-2009Effects of plant cover on the macrofauna of Spartina marshes in northern BrazilBRAGA, Cesar França; BEASLEY, Colin Robert; ISAAC, Victoria Judith
Dec-2009Feeding ecology of juvenile dog snapper Lutjanus jocu (Bloch and Shneider, 1801) (Lutjanidae) in intertidal mangrove creeks in Curuçá estuary (Northern Brazil)MONTEIRO, Dijane Pantoja; GIARRIZZO, Tommaso; ISAAC, Victoria Judith
Mar-2004Food categories reconstruction and feeding consumption estimates for the Sciaenid Macrodon ancylodon (Bloch & Schneider), and the congeneric fishes Stellifer rastrifer (Jordan) and Stellifer naso (Jordan) (Pisces, Perciformes) in the Caeté Estuary, Northern Coast of BrazilCAMARGO-ZORRO, Mauricio; ISAAC, Victoria Judith
Mar-2012Multidisciplinary approach to identification of fishery production systems on the northern coast of BrazilSILVA, Bianca Bentes da; ISAAC, Victoria Judith; ESPÍRITO SANTO, Roberto Vilhena do; FRÉDOU, Thierry; ALMEIDA, Morgana Carvalho de; MOURÃO, Keila Renata Moreira; FRÉDOU, Flávia Lucena
Jun-2005Reproductive biology and spatio-temporal distribution of Stellifer rastrifer, Stellifer naso and Macrodon ancylodon (Sciaenidae) in the Caeté estuary, northern BrazilCAMARGO-ZORRO, Mauricio; ISAAC, Victoria Judith
Nov-2011Spatial distribution of the amazon river prawn Macrobrachium Amazonicum (Heller, 1862) (Decapoda, Caridea, Palaemonidae) in two perennial creeks of an estuary on the northern coast of Brazil (Guajará Bay, Belém, Pará)SILVA, Bianca Bentes da; MARTINELLI-LEMOS, Jussara Moretto; SILVA, Leiliane Souza da; CAVALCANTE, Danielle Viveiros; ALMEIDA, Morgana Carvalho de; ISAAC, Victoria Judith