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Title: Violência escolar e aprendizagem no município de Breves-Pará
metadata.dc.creator: FIGUEIREDO, Larissa Raniely da Cunha
Keywords: Violência na escola - Breves (PA)
Ensino fundamental - Breves (PA)
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2016
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: FIGUEIREDO, Larissa Raniely da Cunha. Violência escolar e aprendizagem no município de Breves-Pará. Orientadora: Simaia do Socorro Sales das Mercês. 2017. 147 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Gestão Pública) - Núcleo de Altos Estudos Amazônicos, Universidade Federal do Pará, Belém, 2016. Disponível em: Acesso em:.
Abstract: This Case Study checks the school violence phenomenon and its relation with learning. The Literature has evidenced the reinforcement of the violence in Brazil in recent decades, as well as it has pointed out that in school environment, this not only degrades social relations, but also impairs educational development. In Breves City, it is located in Pará State; there is some inconsistency or even lack of records and studies about this phenomenon. The main goal of this study is to demonstrate the occurrence of violence in schools in Breves City, its consequences and its losses to learning, as well as to analyze the actions taken by the schools in order to minimize the problem. The definition of the universe of research has considered that the literature points adolescents as the main aggressors and victims of school violence and sought to include, among the institutions that offer the final grades from elementary education in the urban area of the city, schools with different results in what Learning, as measured by the Basic Education Development Index. Estevão Gomes and Santo Agostinho schools had selected. It was not a selection criterion although; the choice fell on the institutions that have quite different characteristics, including the socioeconomic profile of their students. The research has characterized as exploratory and descriptive. It had made by a mixed approach, sequential. The quantitative data had collected by a survey applied to a representative sample of the students, teachers, coordinators and school managers, chosen randomly and systematically. The forms used in the survey replicate in part the research conducted by Mirian Abramovay, as one of the most comprehensive surveys in Brazil. The qualitative data had collected in individual interviews and with focus groups, in which the same categories mentioned above were included. The research has confirmed the increase of violence in schools, although a few claim to be victims; it had identified the most frequent types and the circumstances in which they occur, as well as their consequences, including in terms of reactions, feelings and wishes of students, staff and managers. Some indications of generate factors of violence were found, but given the complexity of the phenomenon, the research does not allow to point out the causes of violence in schools. The impacts of violence on learning are not perceived by most of the research participants. This unexpected result is inconsistent with the perception on conditions that would contribute to propitiate a good school performance, as well as with the reports about the feelings generated by the violence. The school in which violence is least perceived is the one with the lowest Basic Education Development Index. Of course that the difference between school Basic Education Development Indexes can not be attributed only to violence, but in any case, the interpretation of that result must consider that the students of the school with the lowest school performance are inserted in a reality in which socioeconomic conditions may contribute, on the one hand, for the low result in learning and on the other hand, for the non-perception of experiences have lived in school as violence. The study also shows that actions to address violence in schools have been ineffective
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