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Title: Caracterização, reincidência e percepção de homens autores de violência contra a mulher sobre grupos reflexivos
Other Titles: Caracterización, reincidencia y percepción de hombres autores de violencia contra la mujer sobre grupos reflexivos
characterization, recidivism and perception of men perpetrators of violence against women about reflective groups
metadata.dc.creator: VASCONCELOS, Cristina Silvana da Silva
CAVALCANTE, Lília Iêda Chaves
Keywords: Violência de gênero
Autor de violência
Grupo Reflexivo
Gender violence
Perpetrator of violence
Reflexive Group
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: VASCONCELOS, Cristina Silvana da Silva, CAVALCANTE, Lília Iêda Chaves. Caracterização, reincidência e percepção de homens autores de violência contra a mulher sobre grupos reflexivos. Psicologia & Sociedade, Belo horizonte, v. 31, p. 1-15, nov. 2019. DOI: Disponível em: . Acesso em:.
Abstract: This study seeks to characterize men who were perpetrators of violence against women (HAV) and their participation in Reflexive Groups (GR) of the Nucleus X in Belém-PA, Brazil, highlighting the recidivism and the perception of HAV about GR. This is a documentary study with records made between 2012 and 2015. Among the results, 33.8% of these men (n = 24) did not complete Elementary School, 58.8% (n = 40) were alcohol users, 54.8% (n = 40) lived with the woman at the time of the aggression. In addition, 61.2% (n = 41) were prosecuted for physical violence against women, but only 1.3% (n = 1) relapsed in this form of aggression after participating in the GR. These have been described as an accessible mechanism in the prevention of violence that provides care, learning and reflection, demand for more research and investments that approach other social politics in order to build a solid network of reformulation of social relations of gender.
ISSN: 1807-0310
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