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dc.identifier.citationCASTRO, Antonio José de Oliveira et al. Impairment of color spatial vision in chronic alcoholism measured by psychophysical methods. Psychology & Neuroscience, Rio de Janeiro, v. 2, n. 2, p. 179-187, jul./dez. 2009. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 11 fev. 2014. <>.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractWe used psychophysical tests to evaluate spatial vision in 15 subjects with a clinical history of chronic alcoholism by measuring luminance contrast sensitivity and color discrimination. The subjects were initially subjected to clinical inquiry and ophthalmological exam. Subjects then performed psychophysical tests to measure spatial contrast thresholds using sine wave gratings of different spatial frequencies and contrasts and chromatic discrimination thresholds using the Mollon-Reffin test. For the analysis, subjects were divided into three groups according to age and compared with age-matched controls. Ten subjects had some degree of color vision loss, which was quite severe in seven cases. All subjects had normal luminance contrast sensitivity. The results suggest that color vision changes related to chronic alcoholism can occur in the absence of impairment of spatial luminance contrast sensitivity and thus is an important aspect to be considered in the clinical evaluation of this condition.pt_BR
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dc.titleImpairment of color spatial vision in chronic alcoholism measured by psychophysical methodspt_BR
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