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Issue Date: Feb-2011
metadata.dc.creator: KLAUTAU, Eliza Burlamaqui
CARNEIRO, Karina Gama Kato
LOBATO, Marcelo Figueiredo
SOUZA JUNIOR, Mario Honorato Silva e
Title: Low shrinkage composite resins: influence on sealing ability in unfavorable C-factor cavities
Citation: KLAUTAU, Eliza Burlamaqui et al. Low shrinkage composite resins: influence on sealing ability in unfavorable C-factor cavities. Brazilian Oral Research, São Paulo, v. 25, n. 1, p. 05-12, jan./fev. 2011. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 27 maio 2014.
Abstract: The present investigation observed the sealing ability of low shrinkage composite resins in large and deep cavities, placed and photocured in one increment. Large, deep cavities (5.0 mm diameter and 2.5 mm deep) surrounded by enamel were prepared in bovine teeth, which were then divided into five groups. Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4: acid conditioning + Adper Single Bond (3M/ESPE, St Paul, MN, USA) and restoration with Aelite LS Posterior (BISCO Inc. Schaumburg, IL, USA) (G1); Filtek Z-350 (3M/ESPE,St Paul, MN, USA) (G2); Filtek Z-350 Flow (3M/ESPE, St Paul, MN, USA) (G3); Premisa (KERR Corporation, Orange, CA, USA) (G4). Group 5: Silorane Adhesive system (3M/ESPE, St Paul, MN, USA) + restoration with Filtek Low Shrinkage Posterior P90 (3M/ESPE, St Paul, MN, USA). After polymerization, the teeth were immersed in 0.5% basic fuchsine solution and immediately washed. Using the Imagetool Software, the extent of dye along the margins was calculated as a percentage of total perimeter. The restorations were then transversally sectioned and the depth of dye penetration was calculated in mm, using the same software. Kruskal-Wallis analysis for all groups showed no statistical differences for extent (p = 0.54) or depth (p = 0.8364) of dye penetration. According to this methodology, the so-called low shrinkage composite resins had the same sealing ability compared to regular and flowable nanocomposite materials.
Keywords: Endodontia
Restauração (Odontologia)
Adesivos dentários
Resinas dentárias
Restauração dentária permanente
ISSN: 1806-8324
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