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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Issue Date: 2010
metadata.dc.creator: PAZ, Simone Patrícia Aranha da
ANGÉLICA, Rômulo Simões
NEVES, Roberto de Freitas
Title: Síntese hidrotermal de sodalita básica a partir de um rejeito de caulim termicamente ativado
Other Titles: Hydrothermal synthesis of basic sodalite from a thermically activated kaolin waste
Citation: PAZ, Simone Patrícia Aranha da; ANGELICA, Rômulo Simões; NEVES, Roberto de Freitas. Síntese hidrotermal de sodalita básica a partir de um rejeito de caulim termicamente ativado. Química Nova, São Paulo, v. 33, n. 3, p. 579-583, 2010. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 30 jul. 2014. <>.
Abstract: Basic sodalite was successfully synthesized by hydrothermal method using kaolin waste as source of Aluminum and Silicon. This waste is mainly composed by kaolinite and is produced in large amount by kaolin processing industries for paper coating from the Amazon region. Initially, the waste has been calcined at 700 ºC for 2 h and then reacted with the following solutions: Na2CO3 and mixture of Na2CO3 + NaOH to 150 ºC with autogenous pressure for 24 h. The raw materials and transformed materials were characterized by XRD, FTIR and SEM. In both studied media, well-crystallized, basic sodalite was the only phase synthesized, while in the literature usually a mixture of zeolites is obtained.
Keywords: Sodalita
Rejeito de caulim
Pará - Estado
Amazônia brasileira
Síntese hidrotermal
ISSN: 0100-4042
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