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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-06Biochemical polymorphisms and genetic relationships between Brazilian and foreign breeds of pigs reared in BrazilCentro de Ciências Rurais
1997-03A comparative study of eleven protein systems in tamarins, genus Saguinus (Platyrrhini, Callitrichinae)-
2007-10Diversidade genética e eficiência de DNA microssatélites para o controle genealógico da raça Nelore-
2012-01Diversity and three-dimensional structures of the alpha Mcr of the methanogenic Archaea from the anoxic region of Tucuruí Lake, in Eastern Brazilian Amazonia-
2015-06Exposure to an extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field only slightly modifies the proteome of Chromobacterium violaceum ATCC 12472-
2010Genetic structure of red-handed howler monkey populations in the fragmented landscape of Eastern Brazilian Amazonia-
2008Genetic variability and efficiency of DNA microsatellite markers for paternity testing in horse breeds from the Brazilian Marajó archipelago-
2000-03Mitochondrial DNA-like sequence in the nuclear genome of Saguinus (Callitrichinae, Primates): transfer estimation-
2005-03Molecular phylogeny of the genus Saguinus (Platyrrhini, Primates) based on the ND1 mitochondrial gene and implications for conservation-
2000-12Molecular studies of Callithrix pygmaea (Primates, Platyrrhini) based on transferrin intronic and ND1 regions: implications for taxonomy and conservation-
1999-09Phylogenetic relationships among Brazilian howler monkeys, genus Alouatta (Platyrrhini, Atelidae), based on γ¹-globin pseudogene sequences-
2015-09A putative RA-like region in the brain of the scale-backed antbird, Willisornis poecilinotus (Furnariides, Suboscines, Passeriformes, Thamnophilidae)-
2004The prion protein and New World primate phylogeny-