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Title: Área de proteção ambiental da ilha de Algodoal: conflitos socioambientais e perspectivas de governança
metadata.dc.creator: HONDA, Yohane Figueira
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: VASCONCELLOS SOBRINHO, Mário
Keywords: Conflito socioambiental
Área de Proteção Ambiental Algodoal-Maiandeua (PA)
Mediação de conflitos
Socio-environmental conflicts
Environmental protection area Algodoal
Mediation conflicts
Issue Date: 29-May-2018
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: HONDA, Yohane Figueira. Área de proteção ambiental da ilha de Algodoal: conflitos socioambientais e perspectivas de governança. Orientador: Mário Vasconcellos Sobrinho. 2018. 105 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão de Recursos Naturais e Desenvolvimento Local na Amazônia) - Núcleo de Meio Ambiente, Universidade Federal do Pará, Belém, 2018. Disponível em: Acesso em:.
Abstract: The objective of the research is to analyze the main socio-environmental conflicts for the environment of the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of the island of Algodoal. The work comes to examine what are the main problems existing in the conservation unit that hinder the process of management and conservation of natural resources. The central question that guides the research: what socio-environmental conflicts are generated for management and the possibilities of mediations of possible impacts on the conservation unit of the island of Algodoal? The research method discussed in the chosen research was case study, for the identification of environmental conflicts in the area of environmental protection of the island of Algodoal. The theoretical framework of the research was outlined under the Literatures of socio-environmental conflicts over the conservation units (UC), conceptual approach to governance and environmental education. The search of the data the first stage composed by the bibliographical survey, consultations of documentary sources, as well as visits to the field that provided understanding of the dynamics and the process of discussion mediations of conflicts. The interviews were directed to the directors managers, technicians and manager of the environmental agency, local leaders of the Environmental Protection Area, using the technique simple observation and the interstructured interviews. The main conclusions of the study reveal the fragility and numerous cases of socio-environmental conflicts in the Environmental Protection Area. Conflicts of character were found: economic interest, use and appropriation of the territory, conflict of ecological order, political-institutional conflict. The mediations of such conflicts present in the Environmental Protection Area were suggested more practices of environmental education that contributed to the strengthening and consolidation of the management of the conservation units.
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