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Issue Date: Apr-2010
metadata.dc.creator: ALVES, Soraya Tatiana Macêdo
ABRUNHOSA, Fernando Araujo
LIMA, Jô de Farias
Title: Foregut morphology of Pseudothelphusidae and Trichodactylidae (Decapoda: Brachyura) from northeastern Pará, Brazil
Citation: ALVES, Soraya Tatiana M.; ABRUNHOSA, Fernando A.; LIMA, Jô de F. Foregut morphology of Pseudothelphusidae and Trichodactylidae (Decapoda: Brachyura) from northeastern Pará, Brazil. Zoologia (Curitiba), Curitiba, v. 27, n. 2, p. 228-244, abr. 2010. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 06 maio 2013. <>.
Abstract: The gross morphology of foregut was investigated and described in detail for four freshwater crab species: a pseudothelphusid, Fredius reflexifrons (Ortmann, 1897) and three trichodactylids - Sylviocarcinus pictus (H. Milne-Edwards, 1853), Valdivia serrata White, 1847, and Dilocarcinus septemdentatus (Herbst, 1783). In general, the gastric mills of freshwater crabs showed a similar degree of complexity in relation to other marine species of Anomura and Brachyura previously described in the literature. However, significant morphological differences were observed among the analyzed species, as in ossicle numbers, features and connection types. A total of 38 ossicles were described for S. pictus and V. serrata and 37 ossicles for D. septemdentatus and F. reflexifrons, respectively. The latter species can be distinguished from the others by the presence of a wide cardiac sac resembling two sacs. Most of the ossicles were connected through a rigid connection, and few ossicles were fused. The degree of calcification varied little among the studied species. The differences found among the species suggest that the morphological aspects of the foregut may be useful in the identification of similar species.
Keywords: Pará - Estado
Amazônia brasileira
Caranguejo de água doce
Rio Caeté - PA
Bragança - PA
ISSN: 1984-4670
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