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Title: Distribuição e ecomorfologia de Neritina zebra (Bruguiere, 1792) (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Neritidae), em um estuário amazônico, Pará, Brasil
metadata.dc.creator: CUNHA, Cristiane Vieira da
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: LEE, James Tony
Keywords: Ecomorfologia
Molusco - Distribuição geográfica
Neritina zebra
Icoaraci - PA
Ilha de Mosqueiro - PA
Colares - PA
Pará - Estado
Amazônia brasileira
Issue Date: 25-May-2012
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: CUNHA, Cristiane Vieira da. Distribuição e ecomorfologia de Neritina zebra (Bruguiere, 1792) (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Neritidae), em um estuário amazônico, Pará, Brasil. 2012. 68 f. Dissertação (Mestrado) - Universidade Federal do Pará, Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Belém, 2012. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia Aquática e Pesca.
Abstract: The present study evaluates the vertical distribution of Neritina zebra in rocky outcrops in the lower and middle intertidal, intertidal as well as the horizontal distribution between rocky and clay substratas of an estuary in the Brazilian Amazon. The sampling areas are located in an oligohaline area in Icoaraci, Mosqueiro and Colares, at the coast of the State of Pará, Brasil. To evaluate the vertical distribution on orocky substrata, substratamolluscs were esampled in the lower and middle intertidal. intertidal In the lower mesolittoralmto, where clay and rocky substrata occur, substrataoccursamples were collected to verify the effect of the substrata on othe distribution of the mollusc.For each substrata and intertidal zonet zone, 22 replicates were randomly sampledusing a quadrant of 25x25cm² during the rainyrainy and dry season. An Analysis of Variance was seasonAAVancewasperformed to test (1) the effect of the intertidal zone and (2) the substrata onsubstratao the density of N. zebra. Analysis Athe vertical distribution results showed that in the lower zone, ,juvenile individuals show a higher density than in the middle zone, and an oppositeand anp pattern compared with adults appear to occur.Regarding the distribution on the different substrata,on the differentsubstrata results showed higher densities ono rocky substrate than onon clay substrata for young individuals, whereas no definite pattern was detected for adultss. This variability between the substrata and intertidal zones showed the influence of the seasons and the sampling sites. Icoaraci showed theshowedlowest densities, which can be associated to the anthropic activities in that area.
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