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Title: Natural gaps associated with oxidative stress in Willisornis poecilinotus (Aves: Thamnophilidae) in a tropical forest
Other Titles: Clareiras naturais associadas ao estresse oxidativo em Willisornis poecilinotus (Aves: Thamnophilidae) em uma floresta tropical
metadata.dc.creator: GOMES, Andreza de Lourdes Souza
GONÇALVES, Andrey Felipe Gomes
VIEIRA, José Luiz Fernandes
MARCELIANO, Maria Luiza Videira
SILVA, José Maria Cardoso da
Keywords: Antioxidantes
Distúrbios ambientais
Balanço redox
Peroxidação de lipideos
Environmental disturbances
Redox balance
Lipid peroxidation
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia
Citation: GOMES, Andreza de Lourdes Souza et al. Natural gaps associated with oxidative stress in Willisornis poecilinotus (Aves: Thamnophilidae) in a tropical forest. Acta Amazonica, Manaus, v. 44, n. 2, p. 207-212, June 2014. DOI: Disponível em: Acesso em:.
Abstract: Natural disturbances in tropical forests modify the availability and quality of resources and alter the patterns of bird distribution. These environmental changes increase the metabolic rate and disrupt the redox balance promoting oxidative stress. This study aimed to compare the abundance of Willisornis poecilinotus between gaps and the understory of a forest with undisturbed canopy at Caxiuanã National Forest. The abundance was correlated with vegetation heights. The oxidative stress and the stress promoting factors were determined in both sites of sampling. We captured 81 specimens of W. poecilinotus. The number of captures was high in gaps. The specimens sampled at gaps showed high levels of oxidative stress. The biomarkers of oxidative stress were significantly correlated in gaps. The variability of oxidative stress and oxidative damage were explained only by site of sampling. These results suggest that gaps are stressors sites to W. poecilinotus, which probably can be due to an increase of metabolic rate to deal with new flight strategies of foraging and avoid predation.
ISSN: 1809-4392
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