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Issue Date: Dec-2005
metadata.dc.creator: CONTI, Paulo César Rodrigues
MIRANDA, João Evandro da Silva
CONTI, Ana Cláudia de Castro Ferreira
PAGORARO, Luiz Fernando
ARAUJO, Carlos dos Reis Pereira de
Title: Partial time use of anterior repositioning splints in the management of TMJ pain and dysfunction: a one-year controlled study
Other Titles: Utilização de placas protrusivas em tempo parcial no tratamento da dor e disfunção da ATM: estudo controlado de um ano
Citation: CONTI, Paulo César Rodrigues et al. Partial time use of anterior repositioning splints in the management of TMJ pain and dysfunction: a one-year controlled study. Journal of Applied Oral Science, Bauru, v. 13, n. 4, p. 345-350, dez. 2005. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 20 out. 2015. <>.
Abstract: This study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of partial use of anterior repositioning appliances in the management of TMJ pain and dysfunction when compared to stabilization splints and a control group in a one-year follow-up. Sample was initially constituted by 60 patients, randomly divided into three groups: I- stabilization splints, II- repositioning splints and III- no treatment. The whole sample was evaluated by means of TMJ and muscle palpation, mandibular AROM, analysis of occlusal contacts, joint sounds inspection and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) for one year; 52 patients composed the final sample. A significant (after 15 days) improvement in pain report (VAS) and palpation index was found for group II (p≤0.01). The occurrence of occlusal alterations as posterior open bite or gross interferences after the splint therapy and increased muscle tenderness were not problems in this study. Similar results in joint noises reduction were observed for the entire sample. It was concluded that controlled partial use of repositioning splints is a beneficial tool in the management of intra-articular pain and dysfunction, with no risks of irreversible occlusal changes.
Keywords: Ortodontia
Placas oclusais
Oclusão dentária
Articulação temporomandibular
ISSN: 1678-7765
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