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Title: Comportamento higroscópico de partes aéreas de pimenta-de-macaco (Piper aduncum L.)
Other Titles: Higroscopic behavior of aerial parts of monkey pepper (Piper aduncum L.)
metadata.dc.creator: SILVA, Carolina de Lourdes Oliveira Cruz e
FARIA, Lênio José Guerreiro de
COSTA, Cristiane Maria Leal
Keywords: Pimenta-de-macaco
Piper aduncum L.
Comportamento higroscópico
Belém - PA
Pará - Estado
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Citation: SILVA, Carolina de L. O. C. e; FARIA, Lênio J. G. de; COSTA, Cristiane M. L. Comportamento higroscópico de partes aéreas de pimenta-de-macaco (Piper aduncum L.). Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental, Campina Grande, v. 19, n. 4, p. 376-381, abr. 2015. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 28 mar. 2016. <>.
Abstract: Desorption isotherms of monkey pepper were determined by static gravimetric method at temperatures 35, 45, and 55 ºC, over a relative humidity range of 5.5-81%. Three mathematical models were applied to analyse the experimental data. The modified GAB model showed the best adjustment of the experimental data. The isosteric heat and differential entropy were determined by applying Clausius-Clapeyron and Gibbs-Helmholtz equations, respectively. The isosteric heat and the entropy of desorption isotherm presented similar behavior. The enthalpy-entropy compensation theory was applied to the isotherms, indicating that the aerial parts desorption mechanism are enthalpy-controlled.
ISSN: 1807-1929
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