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Title: Bandas e fanfarras escolares: processos de ensino na preparação para o festival de bandas e fanfarras de Santarém (PA)
metadata.dc.creator: FONSECA, Eliane Cristina Nogueira Ferreira
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: VIEIRA, Lia Braga
Keywords: Música
Bandas (Música)
Bandas escolares
Fanfarras escolares
Educação em música
Instrução e ensino
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2016
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: FONSECA, Eliane Cristina Nogueira Ferreira. Bandas e fanfarras escolares: processos de ensino na preparação para o festival de bandas e fanfarras de Santarém (PA). Orientadora: Lia Braga Vieira. 2016. 221 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Artes) - Programa de Pós-Graduação em Artes, Instituto de Ciências da Arte, Universidade Federal do Pará, Belém, 2016. Disponível em: Acesso em:.
Abstract: This dissertation presents research on teaching processes in music bands that participated in the IX Band and Fanfares Festival of Santarém (PA) – 2015. The overall objective was to investigate the processes of teaching in school bands and fanfares in preparation for that Festival. The importance of this research is the need to investigate the musical education in Santarém, in the face of their cultural highlight in the local social life, especially school band in the context of basic education in preparation for the Band and Fanfares School Festival, as context generator of socio-cultural and educational practices that can help identify processes of teaching music teacher performance of this municipality. Interviews were administered in oral history with four instructors and / or conductors of three bands of three public schools in that locality. The interviews were transcribed, textualized and finally “transcriadas” in narratives. I attended the trials of these bands, as well as their performances in civic parades and Festival and made dense, detailed and extensive description of what I observed in the field. The information was interpreted analyzed from the habitus concepts and field. The survey results showed "principles", "methods" and "technical procedures" that seem to be the marks of a characteristic of the world pedagogy of school bands and fanfares of Santarém – at least those who investigated and participate in the parade and Festival and this They aim to achieve prominence. Are ways of feeling, thinking and acting as artistic and social reciprocally involved which I call "pedagogy of all" because it is no longer a strictly musical education, but artistic as well as management, which is taught and learn to do everything.
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