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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Issue Date: Mar-2017
metadata.dc.creator: BRASIL, Juliana Nogueira
COSTA, Carinne de Nazaré Monteiro
CABRAL, Luiz Mors
FERREIRA, Paulo Cavalcanti Gomes
HEMERLY, Adriana Silva
Title: The plant cell cycle: Pre-Replication complex formation and controls
Citation: BRASIL, Juliana Nogueira et al. The plant cell cycle: Pre-Replication complex formation and controls. Genetics and Molecular Biology, Ribeirão Preto, v. 40, n. 1, supl. 1, p. 276-291, 2017. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 05 jul. 2017. Epub 16-Mar-2017. <>.
Abstract: The multiplication of cells in all living organisms requires a tight regulation of DNA replication. Several mechanisms take place to ensure that the DNA is replicated faithfully and just once per cell cycle in order to originate through mitoses two new daughter cells that contain exactly the same information from the previous one. A key control mechanism that occurs before cells enter S phase is the formation of a pre-replication complex (pre-RC) that is assembled at replication origins by the sequential association of the origin recognition complex, followed by Cdt1, Cdc6 and finally MCMs, licensing DNA to start replication. The identification of pre-RC members in all animal and plant species shows that this complex is conserved in eukaryotes and, more importantly, the differences between kingdoms might reflect their divergence in strategies on cell cycle regulation, as it must be integrated and adapted to the niche, ecosystem, and the organism peculiarities. Here, we provide an overview of the knowledge generated so far on the formation and the developmental controls of the pre-RC mechanism in plants, analyzing some particular aspects in comparison to other eukaryotes.
Keywords: Plantas
Reprodução vegetal
Celula vegetal
DNA vegetal
Series/Report no.: Genetics and Molecular Biology
ISSN: 1678-4685 Brasil
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
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