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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Avaliação visual de sujeitos expostos de forma ocupacional a solventes orgânicos através de métodos psicofísicos-
2013-02Chromatic spatial contrast sensitivity estimated by visual evoked cortical potential and psychophysics-
2003Color vision loss in patients treated with chloroquine-
2011-06Comparative neurophysiology of spatial luminance contrast sensitivity-
2006-03Comparative study of human exposure to mercury in riverside communities in the Amazon region-
2012-10Comparison of the reliability of multifocal visual evoked cortical potentials generated by pattern reversal and pattern pulse stimulation-
2013-12Contrast sensitivity of pattern transient VEP components: contribution from M and P pathways-
2011-06Cortical representation of the horizon in V1 and peripheral scaling in mammals with lateral eyes-
2005-06Density, proportion, and dendritic coverage of retinal ganglion cells of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus jacchus)-
2008-06Division of labor between M and P visual pathways: different visual pathways minimize joint entropy differently-
2006Espaço de cores-
2006Estimativa da sensibilidade ao contraste espacial de luminância e discriminação de cores por meio do potencial provocado visual transiente-
2009-12Impairment of color spatial vision in chronic alcoholism measured by psychophysical methods-
2016-03A ingestão de pescado e as concentrações de mercúrio em famílias de pescadores de Imperatriz (MA)-
2011-06Lateral interactions in visual perception of temporal signals: cortical and subcortical components-
2014-02Life quality assessment of patients after phacoemulsification or extracapsular cataract extraction-
2017-06Manifestações emocionais e motoras de ribeirinhos expostos ao mercúrio na Amazônia-
2013-11Manifestações neurológicas em ribeirinhos de áreas expostas ao mercúrio na Amazônia brasileira-
2007-03Mercury toxicity in the Amazon: contrast sensitivity and color discrimination of subjects exposed to mercury-
2011Métodos utilizados na avaliação psicofísica da visão de cores humana-