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Title: Vida literária na Belém oitocentista: a contribuição do Diário de Belém para o desenvolvimento das Letras na capital paraense (1882-1889)
metadata.dc.creator: SILVA, Alan Victor Flor da
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: SALES, Germana Maria Araújo
Keywords: Escritores paraenses
Prosa ficção-Século XIX
Imprensa periódica
Jornais na literatura
Issue Date: 8-Nov-2018
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: SILVA, Alan Victor Flor da. Vida literária na Belém oitocentista: a contribuição do Diário de Belém para o desenvolvimento das Letras na capital paraense (1882-1889). 2018. 306 f. Tese (Doutorado) - Universidade Federal do Pará, Instituto de Letras e Comunicação, Belém, 2018. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Letras. Disponível em: Acesso em:.
Abstract: From the research we have carried out in several literary histories, we find that the only writers of prose fiction born in the province of Pará during the nineteenth century mentioned in these works are Inglês de Sousa, Marques de Carvalho and José Veríssimo. However, the study carried out in dictionaries, encyclopaedias and anthologies revealed that Inglês de Sousa left the region where he was born at the age of eleven and never returned to his native land, just as the research in literary histories made José Veríssimo as a critical and historian of literature and Marques de Carvalho, on the other hand, as a naturalist writer without any importance for the development of literary production in the province of Pará neither for the evolution of Brazilian literature. The cataloguing of dictionaries, encyclopaedias and anthologies also showed a slightly more expressive number of authors settled in the province of Pará during the nineteenth century, who dedicated themselves to periodical press and literary production. However, these writers did not obtain national visibility neither did they attain a place in the canon of Brazilian literature. In the same way, the research in the nineteenth century periodical press in Belém carried out by members of the Group of Studies in History of Literature (GEHIL), coordinated by Profa. Dr. Germana Maria Araújo Sales, has also demonstrated a considerable number of writers collaborating with productions written both in verse and fiction prose for periodicals that circulated in the capital of Pará during the last decades of the nineteenth century. We are not referring, therefore, to publications translated or extracted from periodicals coming from other provinces of Brazil, but to original publications prepared to be first published in newspapers that circulated in the city of Belém. The dissertations originating from the research carried out by GEHIL members in periodicals of Belém from the nineteenth century, however, have sought to study the circulation of translated versions of fictional prose signed by foreign writers or of productions extracted from periodicals of other provinces of the country signed by Brazilian writers. Due to the few studies on writers who have established themselves from original publications for the periodical press of Belém, we sought to promote a work that was dedicated to walking a path on the circulation and production of prose fiction signed by writers who settled in the capital of the province of Pará during the nineteenth century and contributed to the periodical press in Belém that century. Our aim, therefore, is not put on evidence authors whose productions were translated or extracted from other periodicals that circulated from other distinct places of Brazil, but writers who were located in the province capital and wrote original fictional narratives for the periodical press from Belém in the nineteenth century. To develop the research, we selected as the main periodical to be studied the Diário de Belém (1868-1892), because this newspaper circulated on a daily basis in the capital of Pará, it lasted for more than a decade in circulation and was the first to offer opportunity and space for writers settled in Belém to ventured themselves by the literary production. From the considerations that we weave, we aim, with this thesis, demonstrate how writers and journalists involved in the periodical press of Belém in the nineteenth century interpreted some subjects, for example, associated with the (in) existence of a literature in the Amazon or in the province of Pará, the publication of works signed by writers established in Belém, literary schools of the nineteenth century, as well as Romanticism, Realism and Naturalism, among others. In addition, we aim to trace a profile of prose fiction published in the Diário de Belém, signed by writers settled in the capital of Pará.
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