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Title: Questão fundiária e sucessão da terra na fronteira Oeste da Amazônia
metadata.dc.creator: BENATTI, José Heder
CASTRO, Edna Maria Ramos de
HURTIENNE, Thomas Peter
SANTOS, Roberto Araújo de Oliveira
PORTELA, Roselene de Souza
Keywords: Reforma agrária
Conflito social
Reforma agrária
Ordenamento territorial
Rodovia Cuiabá-Santarém
Amazônia brasileira
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Citation: BENATTI, José Heder, et al. Questão fundiária e sucessão da terra na fronteira Oeste da Amazônia. Novos Cadernos NAEA, Belém, v. 11, n. 1, p. 85-122, dez. 2008. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 29 nov. 2012.
Abstract: In Brazil, in the second half of the 20th century, several state land organizations were created, which tried to solve the growing confl icts for lands. One of the main objectives of these state land organizations was to garantee the access to the rural property, that is, to make that the largest number of people could have a piece of land to work. Another role was that of the management of the public patrimony. However, in practice, one noticed that the management summed up more in incorporating the devoluted lands into the patrimony and then transferring them to private people, than in thinking about a policy in which the way of use and management of the natural resources would be defi ned by the institutes of lands. We tried to show this issue related to the production of several forms of land conflicts linked to the performance of the state land organizations, as well as the understanding of these confl icts in a new legal and political conjuncture, since it is necessary to define, in the governmental organizational structure, which one is the state organization or the instance responsible for the execution of the land policy, for management of the natural renewed resources and, principally, for the devoluted lands. The analysis of the land situation and of the confl icts in the area of Br-163 (Cuiabá-Santarém Road) is highlighted in how the visualization of the land structure is important for the elaboration of a strategic plan of a social, economical and ecological ordering.
ISSN: 2179-7536
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