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Title: Da fala das ruas à fala dos tribunais: a retórica jurídica e seus impactos nas relações sociais
metadata.dc.creator: FRANCO, Evanilde Gomes
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: LOUREIRO, Violeta Refkalefsky
Keywords: Sociologia jurídica
Semiótica (Direito)
Discurso jurídico
Belém - PA
Pará - Estado
Amazônia brasileira
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: FRANCO, Evanilde Gomes. Da fala das ruas à fala dos tribunais: a retórica jurídica e seus impactos nas relações sociais. 2009. 244 f. Tese (Doutorado) – Universidade Federal do Pará, Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas, Belém, 2009. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Sociais.
Abstract: This work presents the universe of legal language from the point of view of the semiotics of law. It brings up the analysis and the formulations of the argumentative aspects involved in law rhetorical themes aimed at showing how the argumentative force of legal speech establishes a kind of social tension starting from the relations among the various components of legal language which can be found in legitimation, neutralization, domination, and delimitation of the order created by the state. The research is an analysis of discourse and rhetoric in the light of rationality and the fundamentation that comes to the legitimation developed by state law. A rigorous exam of prosecution data was collected in order to discuss the actions of the Courts of justice in Pará. There was also the use of some interviews with authorities in this area. The references were those of contradictions between the system of law rationality and the way it is actually used in the legal domain, it identifies the connection between democracy and the state of law, all included in legal speech which can bring judicial system near the common citizen or push them apart.
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