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Title: Metodologia baseada em modelo teórico para avaliação do estado operativo de linha de transmissão
metadata.dc.creator: NEGRÃO, Martin Max Luis de Castro
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: VIEIRA JÚNIOR, Petrônio
Keywords: Energia elétrica
Linhas elétricas
Localização de falhas elétricas
Modelo de linhas de transmissão
Issue Date: 15-May-2015
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: NEGRÃO, Martin Max Luis de Castro. Metodologia baseada em modelo teórico para avaliação do estado operativo de linha de transmissão. 2015. 194 f. Tese (Doutorado) - Universidade Federal do Pará, Instituto de Tecnologia, Belém, 2015. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Elétrica.
Abstract: Conventionally monitoring operating conditions of a power transmission line is accomplished by periodic inspections along this line. This monitoring allows corrective maintenance by finding faults during the inspection. But in more efficient maintenance, predictive techniques that are characterized by real-time monitoring should be employed. The predictive techniques verify the operating status using normal function models for fault detection and fault models for the diagnosis to be employed in PDI (Fault Detection and Isolation). So, we developed a mathematical model appropriate for application to predictive maintenance of transmission line segments at low cost, without the need for sensors distributed along the line. This model allows the use of the methodology for detecting faults (PDI) by monitoring the leaka ge current of transmission lines. The use of the model also allows obtaining a new indicator of the condition of normal and abnormal functioning of a transmission line, which is the capacitance of harmonic frequencies. The model was validated through measurements obtained on a section of transmission line, by means of an artificial neural network.
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